Thursday, June 28, 2007


Damn... it takes quite a long time to get back into the cg grind but it's so worth it. This is a sketch i drew at work and decided to colour... sooo sleepy.. i didn't wanna go to sleep until i was somewhat satisfied with this. gonna try to do a proper background on my next cg but for now this will have to do. well off to bed...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Update

(Edit: I fixed the links for this... now they're all linked and can be viewed properly)

Hello Everyone! It's been a while since i posted. This is my first summer post so i thought i'd scan several pages of a small sketchbook i started for the summer. I draw mostly on the bus and subway on my way to work. This time however, i wanted to try to draw straight brush pen without any underdrawing. It's REALLLLLY hard at least for me, but i think i'm getting the hang of it. Now that i'm getting used to the straight brush pen i'm gonna push everything a little bit more now and keep it loose.

I decided not to really edit any of the pages, each jpg is approx. 3 or 4 or so pages from my sketchbook. I just wanted to show the process of how i work a little bit (some are really really bad) but i thought it'd be good to show that these are scans from actual pages from my sketchbook. (or maybe i'm just too lazy) I'll probably go back and do some pencil crayons on top of them cuz it looks kinda cool but that'll probably be much much later on.

There are a lot more pages left to scan... i'll try to scan them when i have the time. for now, just put up with these ones. I'll try and pick out the best few instead of this whole wad of mess. unless you guys think it's better to show it like this? Anyhoooooo... long post. Hopefully the next post will be sooner rather than later. Bai bai.