Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Looks like summer has begun... and it shows in PEI... the rain isn't as frequent and the sun is out and holy crap is it burning in the office. I know i haven't posted in soooo long... but that's cuz i've been out and about and enjoying myself here in PEI so i haven't had much time at all to do much of anything! so don't be sad... be glad... that i'm having fun in a deserted island. however... if only scanning wasn't such a pain... i'd have a lot more stuff to show. but you guys should just be happy with whatcha get cuz then that's all i had time for today... since work is slow this week. i'll probably be able to post a bit more stuff this week so stay tuned.

it sucks how colours look so different on my laptop and the mac at work... i'm assuming my laptop is wrong... so i adjusted the image on the mac to make it look close to what my laptop shows.. .but it's still now exactly right still... sooooo sad...

anyhoo here's another dump of stuff as a bonus since i found it on the mac: