Thursday, July 23, 2009

This blog aint goin nowhere!

Anyhoo... i decided to keep this blog as more of a photoblog/diary thingamabob while keeping my other one more artsy and drawing and stuff...

All my bags are packed i'm ready to go!

This picture was taken the right before i started my driving adventure to PEI. At first i was supposed to go by myself but then my brother and my aunt came with. Anyways, i think it was for the best cuz a 16-18 hour drive by yourself isn't the best of ideas.

When we stopped over in New Brunswick for lunch we went to this restaurant by the gas station. It was a cozy little place with awesome food. There was list of like 10 different kinds of poutine. I got the Royal Poutine which had some ground beef on it. It was pretty yummy but we were running late.

Eventually we made it to Magnetic Hill in New Brunswick which is this cool optical illusion where you go "down" a hill towards a white post and then put the car on neutral and it feels like you're going backwards "up" the hill... it was really cool. $5 tho... which is kinda strange but cool none the less.

Finally we arrived in PEI... Confederation Bridge: the longest bridge. Too bad the camry i was driving was low and i could barely see over the bridge barriers... however, it was possible to see part of the blue waters and awesomeness. Still over an hour before we arrive in Charlottetown from here tho... but compared to the crazy long drive, one hour is nothing.

The weather for the next 2 days was pretty craptacular tho, which is funny cuz the last time i was in PEI when my family visited, the weather was bad too... it seems they can never be on the island when the weather is beatiful. Ironically, the day after they left, the weather got super nice.
It almost feels like i haven't left, i remember all the streets, and where i went to shop, and eat, and where everything is. It was a nostalgic feeling. We ate some yummy lobster. Still haven't found a place to live tho... but that'll come... no worries.

Anyway... i've decided to catch up on all the blogging i missed since i arrived. So stay tuned for the food i made since! Here's a preview:

I'll explain what that is later...
til the next post!

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[B]ehram said...

YOU FLIPPIN DROVE TO PEI?? that's just messed up!
food looks disgustingly good man, yours looks too healthy man.