Thursday, July 30, 2009


PEI has been really good so far. The weather is still somewhat random still. It rains one day and is super sunny the next. The heat is ridiculous over here. When the day is hot, it's supremely hot. And what do you do when the weather's uber nice? Go to the beach!

I also watched the latest Harry Potter which by the way is by far the funniest of them all. The only problem is that I can no longer distinguish one from the other. It seems to have gotten completely formulaic where it starts off in the real world, then something happens so they go to magic school, and for some reason there's a new teacher, and then something about the dark lord, and then ends with harry but leaves room for another movie. Still tho, the movie was quite entertaining.

Once again, I'm finding cooking to be a past time that i enjoy the most. It's like art where you have to be creative, but it's like yummy cuz you have to eat it! Well, most of the time it's yummy. The other times, it's just normal, and other times, it's just bad. But when food IS good, it's the most satisfying feeling. I've made several meals from the time i arrived to now and I'm proud to say that I haven't made a completely terrible meal yet!

I have taken it upon myself to take pictures of as many self-cooked meals as i can. Here are a number of dishes i made for myself:

Ah, classic Bacon & Eggs, and toast, and a tad of kraft dinner! You can never mess that combo up! unless you burn stuff... and i didn't!

Same.. except i made a crappy omelet... not as good.

Here's a taco i made for myself... ingredients include: Jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, onions, cheese, taco sauce, green tabasco sauce. yum. that was a mighty taco.

Fry a little veggies...

add some crispy chicken and general tao's sauce you get:

General Tao's chicken... that meal was frigging sweet.

here's a filipino dish called caldereta. made with potatoes, green/red peper, onions, garlic, ginger, and chicken. it was quite scrumptious.

OMG Home made pizza!

frigging the best pizza i ever had. so effing good!

Last but not least, some pasta. and garlic bread. and pop. mmmm.

If anyone has any ideas of what i should try cooking next, please let me know. Keep in mind however, that PEI is not as culturally diverse as Toronto, and gathering exotic ingredients (or even really common ones) is difficult in such a bubble of an island. Til' the next meal suckas!


lauren m said...

You are such a Foodie.

That looks like some good food, but are you sure you made that all yourself? no one helped??

Lettie Lo said...

wow that looks yummy !
the other day i made some viet rice roll! i guess u cant find that there though :( but those are super good for the hot summer days!
wad about self made rosti and onion soup? i made that wen i was in Halifax !

Lettie Lo said...
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Alvin Aquino said...

oooou... i'll try some different soup things. that's something i never tried to make yet!