Thursday, May 22, 2008

Almost the weekend!

The wonderful thing about a long weekend is... not only do you get an extra day to sleep in and do nothing... it usually means the week following it is shorter! and that's what this week is... i can't believe it's already thurs. It almost feels like time's going uber duber fast here in PEI.

I woke up somewhat late today for work... more than usual... and had to skip breakfast and rollerblade extra fast to get to work the usual late i get there instead of extra late. I wish i could get up for breakfast... actually i wish i could just get up... period. Why is it so damn hard to get up? I do this thing where i wake up then put my head back onto the pillow and then count down from 60. The intention is to wake up when i hit zero but usually what happens is i fall back asleep before i even hit 30. Which is bad... cuz then when i get up it's already way too late.

Cleaned up boards all day today... really had no time to do my drawing of the day til i got home... which by the way is done.. i just don't have any means to scan the damn thing so you'll have to wait til tomorrow when i'm at work to see it cuz work has the scanner.

Seriously now tho... i wanna get pwnage at art... but it's hard to find the motivation after work! i mean i'm kinda proud of myself today cuz i actually drew at home instead of play... but that's cuz i was inspired to draw since an hour before work ended thanks to Lettie and a coworker. I think i'll be doing some cafe sketches soon too! so stick around for that. But yea... hopefully today will become a regular habit cuz then 4th year film is looming now... and i don't wanna be super unprepared for it... i better whip out concepts every week starting this week. But the motivation like i said is scarce...

Today's weather was decent in the morning... soo sunny and warm and then at lunch it was even better! I went out with a few coworkers to a place called Baba's:

It was awesome weather as you can see.... even when i went back to work and a few hours afterwards it was decent... but then it started raining when i was about to go home... effing rain! raining all the time here on the Island but then it stopped at around 8pm or so... so weird!

For dinner... i knew i had some rice left and bacon which was probably stale by now... some mushrooms and what not... so i decided i was gonna have fried rice... and i wanted chicken again cuz i was recalling how tasty it was when i had the alfredo... so i thought why not!? So then i had some spicy.. yes spicy cuz of the sirachi hot sauce (the pho hot sauce) with mushroom, onions, green onions, garlic, and bacon and soy sauce:

I like taking pictures of my food... but this time it was frigging yummy! Best meal i've made yet... i think the fried rice was made awesomely. Just the right amount of ingredients and hotness and soy sauce... it was spectacular... and then the chicken! The chicken was uber crispy on the outside and soft and moist and juicy in the inside! Wow... and the portion was just right.

Everything just went right... I preheated the oven right when i got home and then put away my stuff... i prepared the chicken and put it in the oven before i did anything else cuz it takes a while to cook. While that was goin in the oven i was preparing all the ingredients for my fried rice... chopping stuff and washing stuff... and by the time the rice was all cooked my chicken was done! Man... it was good times... awesome awesome meal. The weekend should be good for food... i wonder what i'll have tomorrow since i always eat dinner outside on fridays... where indeed??

On a random note... the rain prevented me from roller blading home cuz it's hard enough when it's dry with all the debris on the road and uphill climb so adding wet and slippery would = death. so i had to walk home and then on the way by groceries for dinner... the hilight of the day has to be dinner... and i'm glad it turned out right. Welp... that's my rant for the day!


Lettie said...

wow looking at your pics of rice and chicken realllyyy made me hungry..... and it would have looked like gourmet meal if u have a slice of lime and some greens with a glass of wine!!!! haha indeed.. lets cook together in the school year! LOL .. we can have a pot luck partyyY!
and love to talk about art with u.. : )
and dont u just LOVEEE RAIN

GHGraphics said...

Man you made that dinner sound really frikkin' good haha You're a much more creative cook than I have been good sir. Draw draw draw. Drawing can be just as fun as play or even more fun. It's a lot more rewarding. And it gets addictive sometimes too... Art should be the play in your life!

Alvin Aquino said...

hehe cooking is fun! danke guys.. your comments are always awesome