Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hooray for Sun!

Hello my faithful readers... i'm here again with a super duper long post which i had cleverly split in 2 cuz it's long... and i have a lot to write... i wrote the post underneath first in anticipation of this post so that you can just read normally as though i wrote the post below on the weekend when i should've instead of having 2 posts in a day. However, that's not important. The important thing is i'm writing again.

Like the title implies... there's freaking sun again! The weekend was full of clouds and drizzle and wind and suckiness... but monday was off to a great start and today wasn't so bad either.

(above pictures are me on my way to work on monday)

look at how freaking beautiful the day looks. notice... i said LOOKS. It's freaking stupidly cold here. That's the evil thing about PEI... it looks frigging beautiful but underneath it all... is death! and cold... and wind... it musta been like 2 or 5 degrees on monday and today... frig... so cold! How am i supposed to adventure when it's so cold? I only brought 2 sweaters damnit. I swear... if it snows.. i'm gonna be uber pissed.

("off broadway" right next to work - it wasn't that good.. but it looked good)

I make my meals fro breakfast and dinner but i like to try out new places here and eat whatever i don't see in Toronto.... I finally found a good thai place here tho. I went on thurs. to a place that's called "Thai Food".. bahaha that's the name apparently. And it was a like a house and a table... and a chair or something ridiculous like that. But if it's anything like good asian food... the dirtier the place, the better the food. and boy was the pad thai good! The portions here are so small tho... soooo small... but the thai food was decent size.

When i got home i decided to make a meal that'll last me a couple days...

uh oh.. what's alvin making this time??

somethin's a-boilin'

more ingredients bwahahaha

yummmm fly lie

and there it is folks... beef nilaga. (a filipino dish)

the end product served on a plate... looks freaking yummy? well it was pretty good i must say.

Once again that's Beef Nilaga which consists of stewing beef, potatoes, chinese cabbage, (i was supposed to add regular cabbage but forgot i had it in the bottom part of the fridge), salt & pepper, beef broth, fish sauce, garlic, and onions. That's the first time i made it and it was yummmmy. Well it was a pretty risky move cuz i made a frigging ton to last me a few days. I stuffed myself that day. The fried rice was more out of necessity than anything cuz i had left over chicken from the night i made chicken so i didn't wanna eat chicken again so i turned it into fried rice. All in all it took almost 2 hours to make dinner cuz i wanted the beef to be nice and soft but i think i over cooked the potatoes just a tad. still good tho. Cleaning up and dishes are probably the worst most horrible part of cooking. But it's not so bad when you're full and satisfied...

I swear... PEI calls for a lotta sleep. I've been getting maybe 9 hours every night and 12+ on the weekends and i'm always so damn sleepy. How does that work? Geez... On a random note a saw a few brown guys today and car full of black people. I've yet to spot that one filipino guy or family that i can go up to and have dinner with and meet all their cousins who live on the island and play wii on their plastic covered couches... it'll happen in time... On another random note, it was my sister's b-day on sunday so happy b-day! hopefully she got my text. On even more random note, I've realized why my parents are so keen on me eating at home instead of out all the time. It's like... not even cuz it costs money to go out... but there's so much food that's cooked. I feel like i have to go home and eat it all cuz who else is gonna eat it? Holy crap there's leftovers... so whatever.. it's just an eye opener how some of the small stuff gets unseen like... cooking... and cleaning... and groceries... and trying to stay sane and have time for yourself and go out... all at the freaking same time. Kinda hard... but i think i'm getting a handle on things and hopefully... i'll have some freaking art to show! I have stuff... i gotta scan! and bah! oh well... till next time my loyal fans... (tomorrow most likely, I hope.)

And to finish it off........
More pics of PEI! (remember... it only LOOKS nice... it's effing cold look at those flags... stupid wind. stupid stupid wind)


Lettie said...

looks really delicious!!! good job on being a chef! oh and try washing dishes that u use to cook as you are cooking so it doesnt accumulate as fast! maybe say wen u are waiting for water to boil or wen food are in the pot cooking so u can leave them be.

and are u close to the ocean by any chance? and visit anne of green gables!! lol haha i bet potatoes are really cheap out in PEI !!

- anonymous fan :O

Alvin Aquino said...

haha you crazy lettie! i told you not to post comments on the bottom one geeeeez... but anyhoo thanks for the advice... i try to do that but it's hard cuz there are a ton of dishes already in the sink before i get to wash anything... so i'd have to wash the whole thing in order to wash the ones i've used.

i think i might watch anne of green gables before i leave... and i bought potatoes here but the local ones are more expensive for some reason...

GHGraphics said...

Don't have much to say Alvin. Good read. Iron Man was good indeed. I had some problems with it but I definately enjoyed myself. You are pretty adventurous with your cooking.

Put up some FREAKIN' art you fool.

Alvin Aquino said...

umm... garrett.. YOU put up some art!
don't worry i will... i will...

thx for the comments

Mena said...

good advice from lettie, i do the same. Also, you can freeze almost everything in individual portions, so you don't worry that is going to get bad.