Sunday, May 4, 2008

Welcome to PEI! The quest for underwear...

So... I arrived in Charlottetown, PEI around 6pm PEI time and I met a nice girl on the plane who told me how wonderfully boring PEI is and how she would never ever live here and there's nothing to do and what not. So that was a wonderful start. Then i has happy to find out that one of my luggages were missing. D: Then shortly, I was dropped off at the place I'll be staying for the 3 months that i'm here.

The place i'm staying is awesome, my land-lady's awesome, the weather has been awesome. That's the bright-side... now if only i had some undies... that would be the icing on the cake. The crappy thing is, the luggage that they lost had all my clothes... well 99% of my clothes including my undies. So i'm stuck in PEI with a couple of shirts, shorts, an undie and a sweater. that would only last like 2 days... so... ya.... stinks. I had mcdonald's for dinner and was happy to see a slightly different menu. I had an angus burger with bacon and cheese. which was pretty pimp. The super duper good news is... i had sweet and sour sauce! for FREE! ya... seriously... isn't that nuts? I went up to the cashier said "umm... can i have a sweet and sour sauce?" and she said "sure!" and gave me 4... yes 4! sweet and sour sauces. That made my night...

The second day was just as awesome. The sun was up, i think it was 15 degrees so it was an awesome day to walk. and that's just what i did. i walked all over maybe 15 km worth of walking from 2pm to 8pm. The goal was to find me some more undies so i can take a shower... however... i quickly realized that everything is closed on sundays in PEI. EVEN WALMART! stupid stupidness... I bought some food to survive which were some eggs, bread and peanut butter. That's what i ate for dinner today.... peanut butter. D: I swear... i'm gonna make some pasta tomorrow! Anyhoo... work starts tomorrow and all i can seem to think about is what will i do about undies... The good news is... they found my luggage! I have my undies! hooorah! Some art will definitely be coming soon... as soon as i'm settled that is... so probably in a day or 2...

Number of Asians spotted: 7
Number of African-Americans spotted: 1
Number of weird looks I got on my way to Walmart: 22
Number of guys honking at me for some reason: 2


Vivian Lai said...

2 guys honking eh?

MUST be that sexy long hair of yours.


glad u got ur undies back :)
get some pics up of PEI!

Lisa Tao said...

awwww sounds like fun!!!!
r u the only sheridan person?

yes i request pictures too!

Lettie said...

HAHA why are they looking at u weird!! wow so funN!