Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Special Delivery

I have awesome awesome news... my luggage arrived today! So now... i won`t have to keep reversing my undies cuz i have a whole crapload of them now. I also have my rollerblades so i won`t have to struggle to get to work. The only crappy thing is... the roads in PEI aren`t well paved and the sidewalks have little bits of rock and broken asphalt so it might be a tad dangerous.

My second day of work was just as uneventful as the first but i did get to talk to my coworkers a bit more and get to know them. cool people... cool place. but i should really start sleeping earlier. it feels as tho i have no energy whatsoever to do any work.

Another good thing about my luggage arriving is that i have batteries for my camera now! and here are some of the pics i took:

This is the front of the house i`m staying in. The weather isn`t super awesome cuz it`s already late (8:00pm or so i think) and it`s beginning to cool down.

this is the back of the house... as you can see... there are no fences. they don`t believe in fences in the island.

my room! nice and messy cuz i got my luggage and i was moving stuff around and throwing stuff out and moved the couch and so on and so forth.

and what is alvin making today??? whooooo knows!?

it's chicken! cajun chicken! but yea i took a piece of the skin before taking a picture cuz i was hungry but there it is! mannnn it's so effing good. i'm still full actually. Anyhoo i'll be eating frigging fetuccini alfredo for a few more days cuz:

there's still much much more to finish... and i actually cooked 2 chickens so i'm covered for a few dinners maybe breakfast... oh yea.. definitely breakfast cuz i didn't even finish my meal today.. so the leftovers for that will go towards breakfast. and the damn chicken i bought needs to be cooked in the next couple days cuz it was on sale and it's not gonna be good in a few days so... that's my eats

left overs once again... in the fridge they go!

my awesome pantry... frigging see all that stuff there... add milk, eggs, butter, mushrooms, parsley, and that's the crap i carried from the supermarket D:

btw... the island's tapwater is uber yummy. i can't believe it. it's like better than evian. i'm already missing chinese food cuz the ones here are pretty much imitations. the servings are smaller, the ingredients are fewer, and the taste is subpar. oh well what can you do... i haven't had the potatoes here yet... but i think i'll be using potatoes in my next meal... which isn't for a while cuz i have so much leftovers. oh ya! speaking of food... i had a lobster roll today... which was pretty much lobster in mayo in a bun. it was yummmmmmmmmy. i'm definitely going to go to those all you can eat lobster things here. as soon as i can find a way to get there cuz it's quite far and remote.

I've been finding that free time is hard to come by... it seems i go home... then have to get stuff to cook... then cook.. then eat... then clean up the stuff i cooked with... and put food away... and by that time i have an hour before it's 12 oclock and writing a blog. i really wish i had time to draw my own stuff... D:. hopefully as i have more leftovers the time spent cooking can be used to draw. I thought i'd be losing weight here but i've been stuffing myself with my own cooked meals so i wouldn't be surprised if i got fatter when i get back. I rollerbladed tho... cuz i wanted to get some more groceries but i decided to cut down on the layers of clothing wearing shorts and a tshirt on the way to the supermarket. upon reaching the supermarket i realized that travelling lightly was a stupid idea cuz i was without my jeans which had my means of paying for the groceries... i had about 20 or so minutes to get my hot sauce and other spices from the groceries and come back cuz my chicken was cooking so it was too late and decided to head home without my hot sauce D: The good thing was my chicken was tasty enough not to have hot sauce.

more pics to come! and i really do promise i'll have some drawings up!


ben said...

good to hear you got your clothes back. maybe not such a good idea to leave a meal cooking while you go to the store though...

i know what you mean about no free time, after getting groceries, we didn't get back home til 11.

Lettie said...

yay pics!!! didnt know u write here b4 been trying to talk to u on msn but i guess we all sleep at 12 now... doesnt work suck so much! u get so ti red by the time u get home and booom u hav to sleep early.. no time for urself. btw how is ur other sheridanites

Mena said...

Been there done that :), and I kind of miss it... not carring way too many groceries (wish I did), but finding ways around.

and ya the water takes forever, particularly when you are waiting for it to boil.

I loved PEI, but when I was there the only asian person I saw was travelling with me, no african-american whatsoever, so there's hope.