Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drawrings! aka #001

So ya... it's getting hard to find time to post... but i think i'll have a new reason to! I've decided to post a drawing every day for the summer... and hopefully a cg a week. anyhoo here it is:

It may be darker than i intend it to be but that's cuz the brightness is way up on my laptop so bear with it. this drawing was inspired by some guy i saw walking down the street in PEI. Lotsa interesting people to caricature on the island so i'll have plenty of inspiration.

The drawing above isn't part of the draw a day but i drew it at work. he's a good friend of John Williamson named Willie or as the above drawing suggests: Will-E. he's an awesome animator/storyboard artist doing boards down here at trapeze.

Made pad thai today... it was decent... this is actually the 2nd time i made it. the first one was really not good at all. cuz the chicken wasn't cooked. so that's not good. but this time it was decent.

Anyhoo.. it's late... and i'm probably gonna have a hard time waking up for work tomorrow. there are quite a few pics i didn't post up maybe on tomorrow's post.


Lettie said...

yay drawings!!!!!!!!
and ur pad tai looks yummyY!!!
ahha good to read ur blog i think ive grew comfortable and sth to look forward to almost

GHGraphics said...

shouldn't be looking at your blog when I'm hungry... That Pad thai looks delicious.

Nice drawings!

Alvin Aquino said...

the pad thai is decent... i have soooo much left cuz i wanted to use up all the ingredients i had left so i put like everything in it and now there's so much it'll last me like 3 days... hopefully it won't spoil til then.

thanks for the comments!

Lettie said...

and alvin!! u can put ur food in the freezer!! and save it for another meal!!

Alvin Aquino said...

i hate the freezer... cuz then it takes forever to thaw